Each Week Justin and Tyler talk about everything Vape….and just a lot about “everything” in general!

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Burning Coils – Episode 25

Justin and Tyler spend a few minutes with co-worker, Eric to talk about his favorite juices and devices. And notice, no mention that they lost the golf match today 🤔

Episode 23

Tyler can’t decide which Mod to buy next…leave a comment on what you think he should buy. View Episode 23 here

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Episode 21

Do you change up your juice to something lighter in the summer? View Episode 21 here

Episode 20

Tyler and Justin are finally out of the basement and are showcasing some of the new products in our Vape Center… View Episode 20 here

Episode 19

Tyler and Justin finally have bragging rights from the golf course… View Episode 19 here

Episode 17

A viewer wants to know…”I really enjoy the cool smoke that comes out of a disposable vape…What would be a good vape system that hits like a Hyde disposable?” View Episode 17 here

Episode 15

Tyler and Justin manage to talk about a new juice line during their usual banter… View Episode 15 here

Episode 14

Tyler and Justin talk about how it’s time to stock up on your favorite vape products! View Episode 14 here

Episode 13

Tyler puts out a few challenges – golf and cooking – but still manages to talk with Justin about his new Sigelei device. Check out Episode 13 here

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